SureMove Package

Protects your tractor, trailer or truck from damages caused by collision and other perils.

Provides protection from third party liability that occurs from the use of your vehicle while in the scope of your business, as well as property damage which occurs during the loading and/or unloading of the goods of others from your vehicle.

Covers goods of others while in your care, custody or control in the course of transit under a bill of lading.

Protects against claims of liability arising from your business pursuits that are not auto related like on premise operations, liable and slander, products, and completed operations.

Provides first party coverage for Independent Contractors exempt from Workers’ Compensation. Typically for 3 main coverages: Accident Death and Dismemberment, Accident Medical Expense, and Accident Disability.

Provides benefits such as medical, death, and disability for employees or those deemed to be employees that are injured or that become ill as a result of their job.

Protects storage facility owners (warehousemen) for liabilities and defense costs resulting from damages to the goods of others in their care, custody or control.

Provides protection for your personal property that is used in operation of your business.

Provides protection should you become the victim of either internal or external loss due to criminal actions.

Liability insurance that is in excess of specified other policies and also potentially primary insurance for losses not covered by the other policies.

Commercial Transportation Solutions for the Moving and Storage Industry

Serving both commercial and personal movers, this program is holistically underwritten and managed by M&S experts with decades of hands-on experience working the very industry that they now serve.

  • Seasoned Chief Underwriting Officer from a major M&S market.

  • Access to the highest level of M&S specific underwriting in the marketplace.

  • Specialized transportation adjusters and appraisers.

  • Exclusive network of Loss Prevention and Risk Management Consultants with significant experience in this niche.

There are few dedicated resources that serve this tightly regulated industry segment. That is why the SureMove team has put together a broad, one-stop program package designed to address the unique operations and variances of individual M&S companies.

Fully customizable package options to fit the needs of both M&S companies and their Owner Operators.

M&S segments served:

  • Commercial and Personal

  • Office & Industrial

  • Local, Intermediate and Long- haul

  • Logistics, incidental rigging, and record storage

  • Coverages available meet or exceed major van line requirements and are robust of the independent mover.

Our in-house marketing, underwriting authority and policy issuance offers the talent, performance and profile of a national insurer – all delivered with personalized care. Stable products, revenue growth and underwriting profits will continue to be our committed goal.

  • Invention – We were built on creative vision, having developed the first Non-Trucking Liability product in the marketplace.

  • Longevity – We represent one of the longest running, continuously operated transportation programs in the industry.

  • Staff – Seasoned, dedicated decision makers with niche expertise and industry insight.

  • Structure – A singular source, solution based company, re-energizing the culture which it was born.

Originally founded in 1990, ASC is a TPA committed to the transportation industry.

  • Dedicated M&S claims team

  • “Quiet Claims Service”

  • FASTRAC – expedited repairs process

  • Wheels Subrogation Specialist

  • Reduced loss and adjustment costs

Our exclusive partnership with a national “A” rated Company allows us to provide our M&S customers with a highly specialized level of coverage and risk management services that cannot be found with a general insurer.

Together, we create the unique ability to provide you a superior level of service coupled with one of the most comprehensive M&S products on the market. From coverage to claims, you will experience the convenience of managing every aspect of your business – all from a single carrier.

Information provided on our website is intended as an overview for our products and programs. This website does not provide detailed information or interpretation of specific insurance contracts, policies and/or policy language, and is not designed to be a substitute for such information in terms of claims handling and/or settlement. For complete coverage information, please refer to the applicable specific policy in its entirety, including all applicable endorsements.