Leased Owner/Operators

Owner Operators (O/O)’s who lease their units to a Motor Carrier are an integral part of the trucking industry. AU is the innovator of Non-Trucking Liability (NTL), which is the most common coverage a Motor Carrier requires an O/O to purchase. They also need to cover their tractor for Physical Damage. In addition, most Leased O/O’s are required to purchase Occupational Accident for coverage when they are injured while performing their duties as a trucker.

AU is able to bundle these coverages together to provide the most comprehensive and compliant coverages available in the marketplace. We are niche experts in the O/O segment and have been providing coverage since 1976. In addition to NTL, we can also provide Bobtail and Unladen coverage. AU also has ancillary coverages available that, when written with Physical Damage, can help the O/O keep his out of pocket expenses down in the event of claim like our Truck Plus coverages and Deductible Buy-Back.

AU also writes Physical Damage and Cargo for Motor Carriers with all of our markets. We are also able to provide basket deductibles when writing both lines with the same market utilizing broad coverage forms and competitive pricing.

Non-Trucking Liability (NTL): NTL is 3rd Party Bodily Injury and Property damage coverage that is intended to provide liability insurance to the owner operator who has permanently leased the insured vehicle to a motor carrier and is not using that vehicle for business use at the time of the loss. NTL is often times mistakenly referred to as Bobtail. They are actually two separate coverages and should not be used to convey the same coverage.

Bobtail: As the name implies, Bobtail Liability provides 3rd party Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage when you are operating with no trailer attached or “Bobtailing”.
*Offered thru an A.M. Best “A” Rated carrier on a nationwide basis.

Unladen Liability: Unladen coverage provides 3rd party Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage when you are operating with no trailer attached, like Bobtail, or when there may be a trailer attached but there is no cargo being hauled.

*Offered thru an A.M. Best “A” Rated carrier on a nationwide basis.

Physical Damage coverage provides 1st party property Comprehensive or Specified Perils and Collision damage to vehicles you own. We write coverage for individuals to the largest fleets of Owner/Operators and to fleet Company Owned equipment. Deductible options are available at $500 and can go to large aggregates to SIR’s.
We also offer as a package or a–la-carte to our Owner/Operators the following “TruckPlus” endorsements:

Tarps, Chains & Binders
Personal Effects
GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Lease/Finance Coverage
Diminishing Deductible
Aggregate Deductible

Occupational Accident provides Medical, Death and Disability coverage while performing duties of your lease contract. This coverage trigger is broader than most policies who define coverage of “while under dispatch”. We can also endorse Non-Occupational Accident, Passenger Accident and Helper coverage to our policy.

Truck Plus provides coverage for Downtime, GAP, Diminishing Deductible, Single Deductible, Personal Effects and Tarps, Chains and Binders. These can purchased as a package or a la carte.

Deductible Buy-Back reimburses the Motor Carrier for deductibles that an Owner/Operator is held responsible for in their Lease Contract. These can include deductibles for Cargo, Physical Damage on Company Owned Trailers and Primary Liability.

Competitive Rates, A Rated Markets, Policy Issuance, In-House Underwriting, Superior Claims Service and a Broad Product offering makes AU your One Stop Shop for all your O/O needs.

Information provided on our website is intended as an overview for our products and programs. This website does not provide detailed information or interpretation of specific insurance contracts, policies and/or policy language, and is not designed to be a substitute for such information in terms of claims handling and/or settlement. For complete coverage information, please refer to the applicable specific policy in its entirety, including all applicable endorsements.